【Information about separator】

The information about separation is carried on this page.

NO.3 2004/3/8
★Removal of red mold disease wheat by the Gravity Separator
It was decided to set to 1,100 ppb the provisional maximum point of the Deoxynivalenol(DON) contained in wheat by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.
"DON" is the mold poison (Mycotoxins) which some germs of a red mold disease make.
And , Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan changed the rate of red mold mixing to 0.0049% from 1.0% .
If five red mold grains exist in 10,000 grains of wheat, it will become the outside of a standard.
Therefore, it is necessary to remove red mold and using the Gravity Separator is very effective.
The following diagram is a result of the test which was performed by Hokkaido Central Agricultural Experiment Station.
In order to remove a red mold grain by the above reason, even if it does not use a very expensive color sorter, it is removable enough with a Gravity Separator.
NO.2 2003/7/2
"The safety of a meal" and "Sorting" in agricultural products
While considering "The safety of a meal", there is a problem of residual agricultural chemicals.
If you are going to solve this problem with decrease agricultural chemicals or no, noxious insect damage and sick damage will increase.
Moreover, when you will decrease chemical fertilizer, unripe grain will increase in raw materials.
Then, it is required to remove these damaged and unripe things and to be selected only good thing.
We offer the machines required for such sorting.

☆Sample of wheat☆
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NO.1 2003/2/3
★The removal method of the grain polluted by mold★
 The Gravity Separator (MH-510 type) is the most effective, in order to remove the thing polluted by mold out of grain.
If grain is polluted by mold, specific gravity will become generally light.
For the reason, it's possible to remove it simply with a Gravity Separator.
Moreover, Gravity Separator can be removed to a worm-eaten and unripe grain.
NO.1-1 2003/2/12
Danger of  mycotoxin
Mold makes the aflatoxin known as carcinogenic toxin.
It is said to be detected in much food, such as Peanut, Corn, Job's-tears, Buckwheat, Nutmeg, Pepper, Pistachio, etc.